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10 Great Jobs for Music Lovers in 2022

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Great Jobs for Music Lovers

Consider jobs for music lovers if you are looking for a career where you’ll play music, work with music, edit music, or just hear music while you’re employed.

You’ll find work that allows you to express yourself artistically, or you can pursue a career that combines technology and engineering with musical creativity.

Additionally, consider jobs that allow you to interact together with your groups, like event coordination, workshop teaching, or tutoring.

During this article, we’ll check out a spread of jobs for music lovers that allow you to showcase your abilities, create sound, or just enjoy music day today. 1. Composer

1.Average annual salary within the United States: $22,872

A musician’s primary responsibilities vary considerably, starting from music production associations for recording artists to advertising agencies for commercial soundtracks.

A career playing and taking note of music is one of the foremost popular occupations for music lovers with established talent.

2. conductor Average annual salary within the United States: $27,636

Music directors also referred to as musical conductors, are liable for leading symphonies, orchestras, bands, choirs, and other musical groups during recording sessions, concerts, and rehearsals.

These musical professionals also collaborate with their teams to settle on arrangements for public performances. Certain music directors mentor and educate other directors, singers, and music students.

3. Sound engineer Average annual salary within the United States: $32,676

Sound engineers’ primary responsibilities include working with technological applications and elements of sound during the recording, mixing, and reproduction processes. Sound engineers also collaborate with record makers, musicians, and artists to reinforce and deliver the sound they need.

4. Electronics technician Average annual salary within the United States: $39,707

Electronics technicians can concentrate on the music industry, where they’re liable for installing, running, and maintaining equipment employed by professionals in audio production and broadcasting.

Their duties also include the installation and maintenance of recording devices, dubbing facilities, microphones, amplifiers, and sound mixing boards.

5. disk jockey (DJ) Average annual salary within the United States: $46,987

A disk jockey (DJ) performs music and curates playlists for radio and internet music stations, also as for living entertainment venues like weddings, birthdays, pubs, restaurants, and other music and entertainment venues. DJs may go as independent contractors or for an area, state, or national station.

6. Delivery driver Average annual salary within the United States: $58,927

Primary responsibilities: Delivery drivers transport goods for companies and organizations as independent contractors or on behalf of companies and organizations.

These professionals add a variety of sectors, including trucking and transportation, food distribution, and parcel delivery services, like those provided by the US mail. Consider a career in transportation, as this field offers many opportunities for on-the-job music enjoyment.

7. Journalist for music

If you’d rather remain anonymous, music journalism could be for you. You’ll cover concerts, profile bands, and review new albums when working for a music publication like Rolling Stone or Billboard.

Even if you’re just freelancing or working for a small local publication, your writing about your neighborhood’s music scene has the potential to pique the interest of a large number of readers.Salary median: $50,0118.

8 .Agent de musique

Music agents or representatives assist musicians in managing their connections, activities, social media, and therefore the many opportunities that present themselves every day. Additionally, they market their clients’ songs, albums, and live performances.

You may work for a music marketing agency or start your own to become a musician’s representative. Project management, press releases, and interviews are also significant components of the work. You’ll be responsible for an artist or band’s PR campaigns.

Salary median: $50,255

9.Engineers of sound recordings

Recording engineers capture, edit, and blend audio for musicians and record labels. They’re responsible for the recording session’s creative and technological aspects.

They often collaborate with or act as music producers, film sound editors, composers, or song arrangers. Additionally, they will work for television production companies or concert production companies.

10. Audio and video engineersVideo and sound engineers are among the highest-paid workers in the music industry.

‘ll be liable for mapping sound and voice effects for video games during this role. Recording and score composers are equally lucrative jobs inside this niche.

Each of those jobs contributes to the game’s overall sound and feel. Additionally, video and sound engineers are essential in television and film production.

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