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How To Start A Tooth Gem Business in 2022

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Tooth jewels are a fun beauty trend that will add a touch of glitter to your smile. They’re completely safe, but they need to be applied correctly so as to remain in situ.

If you’ve purchased a kit, you’ll apply tooth jewels. You’ll even have them professionally wiped out at a spa or by a dentist.

Complete Guideline of Start A Tooth Gem Business

1. Get yourself a tooth gem kit. Kits for applying your own tooth gems are available from a number of companies and websites. You’ll select a kit that supports the kinds of gems you would like to use.

To avoid damaging your teeth, use a kit that was created together with or by dental professionals.

Gems can stay for up to several weeks using at-home tooth gem kits. If you would like your diamonds to endure for an extended time, get them expertly applied by a dentist.

2. Put the UV lamp to the test. A modest battery-powered UV lamp should be included in your tooth gem kit. Take it out of the box and put it to the test.

This might necessitate removing the batteries from the lamp as well as any paper or plastic that had been placed between the batteries for shipping.

Before testing or utilizing a UV lamp, always use UV-protective eyewear, like sunglasses.

To test it, activate the lamp. When turned on, it should emit a blue-purple light.

Look within the kit for any longer instructions on how to use the UV lamp that’s included.

3. Assemble the rest of the kit. Working with tooth jewels entails handling an outsized number of small objects during a short period of time. confirm to get out all of the various tools you will be using, including the gems. This may make sure that you’ve got quick and straightforward access to the tools you’ll need once you need them.

Everything should be laid out on a clean surface.

Make sure there’s enough light to ascertain what you’re doing.

4. Select your gems. There is a good chance your kit came with a variety of jewels. Choose which of them you’ll use. Place them with the gem side up so you’ll easily see and pick them up. The remaining gems are often put aside or returned to the kit.

Layout all of your jewels now if you are going to use quite one. You would like to be ready to apply all of them quickly while the adhesive remains wet.

5. Squeeze some cream out of the tube. You’ll have to purchase this separately if your kit doesn’t include it. Together with your tools, apply a small amount of cream. It’ll be required so as for the gem to stick to the applicator wand.

Choose an easy cream that will not overpower your senses with scent when applied to your face.

Only a little bit of cream is required.How To Start A Tooth Gem Business

Part 2 of 3: Tooth Preparation

1. Brush your teeth first. Brush your teeth as you usually do. Then, rinse with water to eliminate any leftover toothpaste or residue. In order that your hands are clean once they come into contact with the stones and your teeth, wash them.

Once put, tooth gems won’t obstruct brushing or other dental hygiene.

Natural enamel teeth are often adorned with tooth gems. Implants and dentures won’t stick with them.

Do not use jewels on teeth that are broken or cracked, or teeth that need other dental treatment.

2. Confirm you wash your hands. Because you will be touching objects which will enter or near your mouth, you’ll want clean hands. If you’re having help applying the tooth gems, confirm they’ve washed their hands also.

Hands should be washed with soap and warm water.

3. Make the teeth visible. The simplest method to try to do this is often to smile in order to make your teeth visible. Then, place one of the provided cotton balls between the tooth and the lip to keep the lip from touching the teeth.

To keep the teeth exposed and dry, this is often done. If the lip remains touching the tooth, wrap it in extra cotton and peel it away from the tooth.

Bite down on another cotton roll placed between the upper and lower teeth.

4. confirm the tooth is totally dry. To completely dry the teeth, use a bit of cotton supplied. This is often a crucial step in ensuring the stone adheres to the tooth. The adhesive won’t hold the tooth if it’s not entirely dried.

How to Use the Gem

1 Mix the glue thoroughly. The glue should accompany the applicator wands in your kit. One is often wont to stir the adhesive. Check the directions for your specific kit to ascertain how and how long to stir the glue.

The glue should be stirred for five seconds, consistent with some kits.

2 Glue the tooth in situ. Place a dab of glue on the tooth with the applicator wand now that it’s glued thereon. Apply the adhesive to the specified location for the gem. Don’t use an excessive amount of glue because you simply need a small amount.

Do this as quickly as possible in order that the glue remains warm once you apply it.

Apply two coats of glue or a couple of dabs of adhesive.

3 Put the diamond in situ. Dip the applicator’s opposite end into the tiny amount of cream you’ve put aside. The cream will aid in the attachment of the gem to the applicator wand. Only a minimal amount is required for the gem to stick there.

After dipping the applicator into the lotion, apply it to the gem’s gem side. The flat side should be kept clean and will not come into contact with the cream.

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