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How To Start Marriage Bureau Business in 2022

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Start Marriage Bureau Business

In India, marriage bureaus are quite common. Running a wedding bureau may be a lucrative business. The income is considerable and, therefore, the expenses are low. In places like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore, many marriage bureaus charge between Rs. 1000 and 5000 for every registration. In certain circumstances, they’ll charge the maximum amount of Rs. 10,000 or more per candidate. Although you think of your marriage bureau as a welfare work instead of a business, it’s beneficial to both you and society.

So, does one want to start their own marriage bureau? Here’s how it’s done, along with some helpful hints.

Guideline of Starting Marriage Bureau Business in 2022

What Is a Wedding Bureau, and how Does It Work?

A marriage bureau may be a service that permits people who have an interest in marrying to register their names and have the bureau find potential matches for them from their database. Marriage bureaus are often traveled by one person or a gaggle, and may be run from an office or a house.

The majority of marriage bureaus are established within the community. The bureaus make the suggestions to the candidates or their parents once they visit the bureau, or through correspondence, emails, and phone calls. Some marriage bureaus find meetings between couples who are honest matches.

To start a wedding bureau, follow these procedures.

1.Create a brochure with information about your marriage bureau. An introduction, offers, rules and regulations, fees, contact information like the office address, telephone number, and email address, timing, weekly holidays, and so on should all be included within the details.

I would like to recommend that you simply look around the brochures of various marriage bureaus. This may offer you an honest understanding of a range of things, including the freebies they provide.

2.Make your marriage bureau known in your neighborhood. Advertise in community periodicals, send news releases, promote your marriage bureau on social media, have your brochure published in directories by other marriage bureaus, and mail your brochure to applicants’ addresses.

3.Create a card for your marriage bureau that has your name, a catchphrase, and get in touch with information. Distribute it to members of the community. It’ll function as viral marketing.

4.Tell interested candidates about your bureau intimately and ask them to register their names once they contact you.

5.Send information about suitable matches to every candidate on a daily basis throughout their membership period.

This trick will assist you. Get More Responses.

Offer a concession or discount when sending registration forms to people, and set a deadline or expiration date for the promotion. Within the literature you distribute, include a separate concession ticket.

People will respond more quickly because they need to take advantage of the discounts and meet the deadlines.

You should organize a get-together of marriage-minded females and guys once or twice a year. Each candidate should introduce himself or herself at these gatherings. Your marriage bureau’s popularity grows as a result of such gatherings. You’ll make tons of cash because there’s a separate fee for attending the get-together.Marriage Bureau Business

You must have the subsequent items.

Even if you run a wedding bureau out of your house, you will need a separate room or space for it. It’s better to have an office in a business location.

Computer: you will need one to store your database.

Laser printer: For printing letters, databases, and other documents.

Internet access is required to remain in-tuned with others.

Community Magazines: to remain in-tune with the people you’re employed with in your community.

Assistant: to help with communication-related tasks.

Supplies and stationery Rubber stamps, envelopes, copier paper, staplers, staples, pins, rubber bands, glue, ball pens, gel pens, highlighters, cutting implements, and so on.

Launch an internet site for your bureau if at all possible. It is often as simple as an introduction to your firm or as complex as a totally interactive website with information on brides and grooms. The latter sort of website should be created once you’ve established yourself in this industry.

Legal Concerns

Marriage bureaus must be registered under a specific act in various Indian states. You want to pay service tax because you’re within the industry.

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The Most Crucial Advice

Even if you think about your service being purely social, you would like to maintain a high level of professionalism. get on time. Make an attempt to speak. Be of assistance.

Give your customers no opportunity to complain. Suggestions for perfect pairings should be supported by their expectations.

These factors will help your company grow. In India, matchmaking has always been a well-liked hobby. In fact, there’s always that annoying yet lovely aunt or grandmother who keeps coupling people together at every gathering, get-together, party, festival, or special day.

As a result, turning it into a business and establishing a wedding bureau to handle these matters legally may be a fantastic option.

In truth, only a couple of hobbies or activities have the potential to become a profitable business. Fixing and running a wedding bureau may be a good way to make money, both in terms of the initial investment and the day-to-day operations.


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