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The Best Shared Calendar Apps for Your Business

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Shared Calendar Apps for Your Business

Long shifts and hectic schedules define the modern work climate. Given the serious consequences of overlooking an agreement with a friend or customer, it is critical to handle schedules, responsibilities, projects, and meetings effectively.

A collaborative calendar app, which is accessible via desktop and mobile devices, assists managers and employees in keeping track of schedule changes.

Deciding the app amongst the best planner apps Today will enable you to not only coordinate your working long days, but it will also save you energy and enhance your performance.

Calendar applications also enable team members to communicate and work together more efficiently. The applications also make it simple to distribute tasks throughout the team, enabling teams to complete tasks efficiently and on time.

To ensure that the team and the whole company benefit from the apps, all team members should be trained about how to share Overlook or Google calendar.

This is especially important for startups, where employees must coordinate meetings, working breakfasts, and out-of-office activities.Big businesses should always be on the lookout for new technologies to help their staff and their company’s profitability.

Although calendars are included with smartphones and tablets, they can never be the best choice for you as well as your company. Fortunately, there are plenty of other choices.

Control and treated applications have emerged to assist employees in communicating with one another, recording conversations, and even eliminating daily tasks.


is far more than a notification center for collaboration. It not only has calendar functionality, but it also allows you to handle team assignments and tasks.

The Timeline function displays each component of a venture, how it all works together, and allows you to monitor changes. Asana has a smartphone app as well as over 100 functionalities.

While Asana does not have a payment gateway, it does have a trial period and a lite edition.


Calendlu is an autoconfiguration program that integrates with your schedule to verify your inventory automatically. It makes it easier to conduct interviews without having to send a bunch of messages back and forth.

Other capabilities include the capability to access time periods among conferences, pacific time identification, integration with apps such as Sharepoint, Microsoft teams, and Viber, and the scale with your staff.

3.Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a team-oriented optimized online schedule. This schedule works in tandem with many other G-Suite items such as Gmail, Drive, Connections, Websites, and Chatrooms. This app is accessible via laptops, notebooks, and smartphones.


Outlook is a well-known scheduling software, which keeps things simple to use for companies. You can swap your schedule with others if you already have an Exchanged, Office 365, or Outlook account. You may also make separate calendars for particular tasks and share them with colleagues.


Teamup provides collaborative schedules for communities to help them organize, schedule, and communicate more effectively. Companies can choose between paid subscription programs.

Furthermore, Teamup provides a test version of its apps and even a two preview, allowing you to determine if this application is really a perfect fit for your squad.

This software was designed for communities, and its schedules are simple to use. Calendars are color-coded and can be conveniently and securely distributed with many other team members via a secure UURL.


Teamweek makes it possible to integrate with your team by providing applications such as team schedules, expanded levels, design roadmaps, and a sharing timeline.

The free plan supports a team of up to five members, and its smartphone app allows you to communicate while on the go. Paid plans for up to ten folks start at $39 a month and include plan target dates, an estimated view, and personalized colors.

7.Apple’s iCloud

iCloud is not just about the processing; it also includes a basic schedule that works with any Apple computer. Your team can easily process continue, exchange details, and connect with the iCloud planner app.

You may also change the view of your timeline to “Today” to see your everyday projects and tasks at a glimpse. Its layout is simple and very identical to that of Google’s calendar, rendering it a common option.

The one disadvantage of this software is that, like many other Apple phones, it sacrifices a lot of features when used on non-Apple machines and Android apps. Overall, if your whole party manages Apple items, this file browser is ideal.

8.Thunderbird Lightning Calendar

Thunderbird Lightning Calendar is widely regarded as one of the most effective time management tools for Windows users, but it is also available for PC and Linux users.

Thunderbird’s interface contains tabs for phone, calendar, and tasks, which users can quickly switch through to remain coordinated and in touch during the day.

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