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Best Way of Starting A Mitumba Business in 2022

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The mitumba business contributes significantly to Kenya’s economy and provides job opportunities for children. Mitumba clothing may be a source of income for several families.

It’s an easy business to determine because it involves no initial investment, no formal education, and there’s always a ready market.

The quantity of cash needed to start up a mitumba business is decided by its size and location. With Ksh 5,000, you’ll start a small secondhand shop on the streets.

You will need between Ksh 20, 000 and Ksh 100, 000 for a medium-sized secondhand clothing business, and over Ksh 100, 000 for an outsized one. However, how deep you’ll delve into your pockets may be a factor.

Determine your target market.

It is necessary to work out your target market before choosing a specialty to specialize in. Knowing your consumers’ age, preferences, and buying frequency will assist you in determining the sorts of clothing to sell.

It’ll also assist you in determining fair prices for used clothing. Customers could include coworkers, acquaintances, relatives, and neighbors.

Select a Strategic Site

Choosing an excellent location for your mitumba business will help you increase your revenues. It’s preferable to situate your store in a convenient area.

If your target market is college students, situate your firm near a university or university. The corporate could be run from booths, stores, street vending, or web stores.

The establishment of internet stores has become the new normal within the corporate world. You would possibly prefer to sell your mitumba garments by putting them up for sale on social media.

Running your business online is a smaller amount of money because you will not need to pay rent, business licenses, and permits, or electrical expenses.

To succeed with your target clients, you simply got to fund marketing expenses. Locate a Reliable Vendor

To establish a mitumba business, you will need to seek out a dependable source at an inexpensive price. You’ll purchase goods in bales or select specific things from providers.

It’ll be determined by the amount of cash you’ve got available. You can, however, prefer to import clothing from developed countries like Australia, Japan, Canada, China, Germany, the UK, European countries, and the US.

Mitumba clothing is rated and put into bales to support wear and tear. The subsequent categories are employed by Mitumba suppliers to supply clothing.

Grade A/Crème Bale: Clothes in this category are fresh and are available with store labels. In the majority of cases, they were purchased but never worn before being donated to impoverished countries through charity pick-up stations. Crème bales are often as expensive as Ksh. 50, 000.Mitumba Business in keyna


Grade B: They’ve probably been worn a couple of times but are still in decent shape. They’re frequently less costly than crème bale.

Grade C: This category includes items with minor flaws which will be fixed.

Grade D: Secondhand clothes in this grade have several flaws, like cutting, and are the most cost-effective.

Choosing a Price for Mitumba Clothes

The cost of clothing is decided by a variety of things. First and foremost, the sort of clothing you’re selling.

Clothing within the crème bleue category is usually pricey. Setting fair prices, on the other hand, necessitates effective salesmanship.

This may assist you in gaining consumers while also allowing you to earn.

The price of mitumba clothing is additionally determined by the income level of your target clientele. You’ll lose customers if you charge exorbitant costs to low-income consumers or college students.

The demographics of your consumers have an enormous impact on what proportion you charge.

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Is it profitable to run a Mitumba business in Kenya?

Yes. With a mitumba business, you’ll make a profit of fifty if you’ve got an honest location with tons of consumers, like near campuses or in shopping malls.

The value of starting a business is modest, and you’ll start with little money and grow it over time. It has lower costs because you merely need to buy licenses and permits.

You’ve got the choice of selling in a store or at an open market. In Kenya, the mitumba business isn’t a get-rich-quick gimmick.

As a result, you will need to plan ahead, manage your firm efficiently, use effective marketing methods, and be really dedicated.

You will need to be adaptable and versatile because the seasons change. You will be ready to win the tournament if you’ve got an honest eye for fashionable clothing. That’s how a mitumba business in Kenya got started.

Mitumba, as it is understood in Kenya, maybe a business that sells used clothing imported from western countries like the US, Europe, Australia, and Canada.

Because of the constant demand, the mitumba business is extremely profitable. Because used clothing is cheaper, the bulk of Kenyans prefers to wear it.

Large-scale importers usher in worn clothing in the sort of 45-kg bales that are separated by kind, size, and condition. The bales are sold by importers to wholesalers, who then sell them to retailers.

The bales are divided into three groups to support their quality.


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